smashin’ bash!!

well, I am sure most of you know where were I last night…

and here’s a post about it~~ and yea,

one word, SMACHIN’!


and thanks Sharlyn for the invitation~

PICT0024 Sharlyn and I~ ^^



ok, upon arrival,

we cam whored~

image Jac and I on the red carpet~


PICT0009 with Diese (Saloma) and her friend (ops, I forgot her name @___@)


PICT0010took the opportunity to grab a pic. with Cindy as Britney~


then, I went into Maison~

and met some long-time-wanted-to-meet-friends…

PICT0013TzeLih, Nath and me~ *huh look or was it a scary look???*


PICT0017 met up with Hitomi~


PICT0018 Zues and I~














YennieDool (Ashley Simpson) and I~

PICT0022 Josh and I~ (I dunno what he come as, and I din ask either)


PICT0023Jess (Amy Lee) and I~


PICT0025Tian Chad~


image we met RedMummy too!~ ^^




soon after dinner, it’s party time where there are games and performance!~


Nuffnang team singing on stage~


PICT0035 anf the Nuffnang JaiHo are performing the JaiHo dance as from the movie slumdog millionaire!



then it’s the prize giving session~

too bad I have to leave early as Yong and Damson is here to pick us up for a movie at times square~

and we watched~


and it’s a not bad movie if you ask me…

my night ended when I reached home around 3am…

and I slept slightly JUST SLIGHTLY before 4am…

and today I woke up at 8am, panic…

I’ll tell you why on the next post…



till then!~ CYA!!!