PC Fair – April 2009

right after having our lab test, Mike and I decided to go and have a look at the PC Fail which is on at KLCC

IMG_0308 a candid with Melinda before leaving campus~


IMG_0312 and we arrived at KLCC~


IMG_0315 first stop! epiCenter!~


IMG_0317 isn’t a Mac just simply gorgeous?


IMG_0319 and we moved on to SanDisk~


IMG_0322 and Canon~



I still wanna make sure I make the right choice purchasing a Dell, so…

IMG_0328 I dropped by Acer’s


IMG_0330 to Dell again~


and I found out that I got my lappie at a much cheaper price!!!


IMG_0335 there’s also 2 pretty gals there cosplaying for a game~



after more than 3 hours of walking in the PC Fair,

we finally get to breath the outside air for abit, and it was raining~

IMG_0337 *I like this photo*


and soon after that, FuiYee came~



after that, I walk one more round in the PC  Fair accompanying FuiYee,


bought juice from Juice Works~

and headed home~