yup, I knew it!

I am going ouT!!!

and today with Mel~


she has been wanting got give me a birthday treat and today, she finally get the chance!~

we went for Indian food~ ^^

IMG_0520 I had Nasi Bryani~


IMG_0524 Mel took rice and chicken and vege~

and an extra dish~




then, we went to KLCC for movies as planned~

IMG_0525 no we did not watch this movie…


IMG_0529 and no, we did not watch this as well…

image Knowing!~

it’s an awesome movie if you asked me…


after that, we had O’Briens for dinner~ ^^

IMG_0531 my triple Decker sandwich~


IMG_0533 Mel’s chicken crisp something…


IMG_0539 and we both had iced chocolate…

(impressive how they can charge us RM10 per cup just by changing the word “Milo” to “chocolate”)


after that, I went to take some pictures of the fountain before we leave~


IMG_0540 I personally like this shot~ ^^


will be going out with Vivian Kathleen tomorrow~

cant wait~

that’s all for today!~



P/S: I was so full I had to ask the person to da pau for me >.<



David said…
Wow.. the food really nice, the indian food! YUMMY.. hahas