home cooked food~

we were high yesterday, so we decided to cook dinner~

dinner for 13 people!!!


edit 1 the chefs~


IMG_1004 and the product~


we have

IMG_0998 chicken~


IMG_1000 tofu~


IMG_0999 vege~


IMG_1001 salad~


IMG_1002 ABC soup~~~


IMG_1030 the food looks so good we curi makan before everyone arrived~ HAHAHAA!!!!





after dinner, the girls clean up (Maria, cuci mangkuk!!!!)

and we have a drinking session…

IMG_1049 fu-yoh… lao lao’s mouth so big!!!


IMG_1045 after that, some chatting session~


edit 2 and cam-whore session~


and we went home~

and this is one thing I really missed…


the texture of good rice. I can feel every grain of it in my mouth, unlike those being sold at food stalls…



Anonymous said…
the food looks yummy! =D
gregorule said…
lol~ of coz!~ XDXD
we cook one kay... XD
wahlao food looks so good lor wahlao... i din know you can cook also...
gregorule said…
lol, 3 of us cooking actually~ ^^
I oso din know u got read my blog one...
I tot onli i read ur blog... >.<