IMG_0458 today yesterday, we went to GreenBox for a sing or to (ok, maybe more)


IMG_0378 cam whored outside for a while~


IMG_0381 Liang, me and iSieng~


IMG_0382 trying out the “pak Jiao” look which Liang failed horidly…



after that, we went in to our room~


IMG_0417 and started singing~


IMG_0424 found out that some of our course mates are there as well~


IMG_0451 PunJing and I~


IMG_0470 JingJing and I~


IMG_0477 iSieng and I~ (your big face, WUAHAHAAA!!!)


IMG_0478 and sing and sing and sing~


IMG_0462 then, we had out dinner~


and some dessert (ISO too high @___@)


IMG_0490 me syok sendiri-ing~


IMG_0500~singing away~


IMG_0519 everyone was so high!~


soon after that, it was almost 9pm and we had to leave~

will be going for lunch with Mel later~ hehe

Indian food~

another treat for my birthday~ LOL

it seems like my birthday never end huh?

will update about it asap!~