Eye on Malaysia (Melaka)

well, I have been planning to go there with  some of my blogging buddies from Melaka but it seems we have  different things to be busy with…


so, I went there with my cousins who came back from Australia since we wanted to do some sight seeing…

IMG_0826I think this is a nice shot but I have a feeling something’s wrong with it…


IMG_0839 my uncles, aunties and cousins…


IMG_0841 at the ticketing booth

IMG_0845 before going up~


IMG_0850 my cousins from Australia~


IMG_0855 all of us in the gondola~


IMG_0856 last picture before we leave~






p/s: going to UTAR to get my exam slip later~


Vince Ong said…
Hi.. nice post there. I hope you enjoy touring around Melaka.

Regards, vince.
Wah, your cousins looks pretty :)
gregorule said…
Vince, I am a Malaccan.. LOL

Tian Chad: I'll let her know that ^^
Vince Ong said…
Oooh.. nice. I'm not a malaccan, I came here for my university life, it's been 5 years here and I really like lifestyle here.

Want blog link exchange?

Anyway it's great to meet another malaccan.