Dinner at Portuguese settlement~

IMG_0770 and a bottle of wine along~


IMG_0781 while waiting for dinner to be served~


IMG_0790 me~


soon after that, the food arrived!~

edit1 we had baked egg plant, and scallop~


edit2 baked fish, steamed fish and fried calamari~


and the main reason why we went there…

IMG_0803 CRAB!!!

*took those pictures in a hurry, some might be blur…*

mind you, so many people waiting to makan…. not good waiting for me to take pictures…


after dinner, we went for a walk at the seaside~

IMG_0818 and pictures were taken…


IMG_0819 my cousin who took this pic says that as if our souls are comming out from our body…

LOL I know…




next stop, satay babi!

till then, CYA!!!