Birthday treat!~

yesterday, while helping me out with my computer, Richard says he wants to treat me to a meal, for my Birthday~

and so, we ended up in~

IMG_0117 KFC!~


it’s been a long time since I set foot into KFC~

but having someone treat you to a good meal, DIET also MUST go!!! XD

IMG_0119 we also ordered cheesy wedges! @___@ so SINFUL!!!


IMG_0121 just look at the shiny cheese… so shiny can die!!! @___@


IMG_0125 Richard’s Dinner plate (it’s lunch time btw) and yea, Richard ordered another coleslaw, LARGE ONE!!! and he finished 3/4 of it! GENG!!!


IMG_0126 while I got myself a X-meal, consist of a piece of chicken, a twister, fries and a cup of orange juice!~


IMG_0129the twister is awfully YUMMY!!!




owh yea, before I forget,

IMG_0131 Richard makan my chicken skin!~ XDXD

because I am on diet…

else I’d chew it down my throat personally! @____@



that’s all for today~



vi--Vien--nE said…
I jealous u lor..
Birthday so many present and so many meals to be treated..
gregorule said…
HAHA~~ :p

err... en en...

*sry arr... dunno how to reply...*
Mike Cheong said…
Finish liao la... my image.... haiz.... T_T

I treat you to a meal and you treat me like that.... T_T
gregorule said…
u got image one meh??? =X

hehe~ it's a way of thanking u laa...~ THANKS MIKE!!!