had a lab session today, and I successfully load the proteins into the SDS-PAGE gel without fail! at the first try!!!


being so glad, Mok and I took a pic together~


Mok and I~ the pro SDS-PAGE gel loader!~




alter after that, I went for a talk about future in biotech given by a professor from somewhere…


during the talk…


and in less than 30 min.


I was like what the hell?

Professor from somewhere come and give a talk and this is how discipline?!


AiSieng, KinnPoay and I was like “we don’t know them…”


so, that’s basically what I did today…


owh, and also…

Health Screening is on! it’ will be help on the 24th and 25th March (tuesday and wednesday) at UTAR SB005 from 10am till 4pm~

you’ll get you blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and urine tested by just paying RM2!!! it’s a very very good offer!

there will also be a talk at UTAR SC111 from 11am till 1pm on both days too!~

do support!

registration counter is now opened from 10am till 3pm at the canteen till Friday! seats are limited!~



and also, pls continue to vote for me for the milo contest~

you can vote once a day!

thanks alot!


=chuan guan= said…
caught some 1 sleeping..lolz
lol..I had SDS-PAGE for my Marine Biotech tes just now...hoho
gregorule said…
haha~~ CG, who??? got alot of ppl sleeping...

phil: did u get it correctly then?