thoughts of 21

*note: this is a very long post, embrace yourselves!!!*

nothing is easy,
nothing is difficult as well.
it’s not going to be easy if we don’t wanna do anything about it,
and it’s not difficult if we try our best to do it!


thoughts of a guy who just turned 21,

this is the purpose of this post,

to mark the beginning of life,

and to motivate me to work hard for my future!

21 is a colorful year,

it’s the time where everything just started to form.

one more year till my degree ends,

start to hunt for jobs,

cars, house, everything start pouring in…

sweet 20s? *doubt*

so, in order to reach my dreams,

I shall work hard! strive! and never give up!!!

no doubt the Greg today may not be the same,

as the Greg you all once know.

and so, this post is to:

admonish me of my flaws,

also to remind me of who I am, perhaps was?

I am, according to people aggressive,

aggressive in solving problems,

and, not everyone can take my way of handling things…
besides, I’m also a person who believe what I am doing,

as long as i think it’s correct, nothing can stop me.

if people want to describe it in a nice way, It would be persevere.

if someone comment on the other way, It would be stubborn.

I will sometimes forget who I am while I am too into doing what I do,

this action of mine may cause me to hurt people unknowingly.

so, if I did, please forgive me.

who’s is Greg?

Greg is a nice and fun person to get along with.

funky, crazy, and super blur at times (don’t ask why, you’re blur when you’re

and he really like to be happy! (but the obstacles are just there sometimes)

he can laughs his lungs out to tell people how happy he was.

LOUD as in very very LOUD at times…

likes to spend quality time with himself (his friends thinks he’s crazy)

likes to know more friends to expand his network (that’s why I like nuffnang
gathering so much!, you get to know so many people from different walks of life)

can be very calm in a tense situation…

love his family and friends alot!!! very willing to help them (try my best)…

and one thing, Greg is super straightforward! and he hereby apologize if he had
hurt anyone of you due to his straightforward-ness.

(the top self-evaluation is based on the feedbacks I have collected from my
friends. please let me know if I am still up to date?)

but, due to things that has happened lately,I have reason to believe that some of
the above personality are not valid anymore. you tell  me.

my birthday wish?

I do hope that everyone stays healthy and happy, be the best in what they are
doing. most importantly, just be happy. I will be happy enough just by surrounded
by happy people…

I would hereby thank:

my parents for their well done job in raising me up to be who I am now.

Ronald for being my best pal who continuously giving me support in what I do.

housemates who sang me birthday song in CapSquare.

PunJing for her creative work of art (the pic. above)

DiEsE and KaiChi for freaking out when they found out it’s my birthday yesterday
XD (I still remembered DiEsE’s freaked out face)

and everyone who had wished me.

and not forgetting the WWF for asking so many people in the world to switch off the lights and light a candle for me~ XD

you all made my 21st birthday so special~ ^^ and I am very happy about it!~

thanks people!!!


Joshu@law said…
Hey..not only your housemates sang you birthday song in CapSquare o...I also got joke joke!
Anyways, Happy Birthday once again!!!
gregorule said…
haha~~ okok, thank you lorr~~~