premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution!

as mentioned on my previous post, I went for the premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution!~


well, it’s my first time attending such event and also, I just found out that we have to deposit our handphones, laptops, cameras and such before we can actually enter the hall…

understandable because it’s premiere screening and they don’t want any “leaks” before the movie is released on the actual date…


since it’s Ronald's birthday, I brought him along~

and he brought 2 of his friends along…


upon arrival, we went for dinner and proceed to the cinema to collect our ticket~


*the ticket collecting booth*

well, I was stunned when I did not see my name on the list…

but thank god Robb recognized my blog URL that I got a pair of ticket~

*phew* close call…


anyway, Zues arrived soon after that and we chatted for abit~


again people, I am not short, he’s tall… *Zues and I*


DSC_0057 Zues bought his girlfriend Ning along~ *Ning and I*



we also met with Hitomi and Huai Bin



Huai Bin, Zues, and me~



Hitomi, Zues, Ning, and me~



EV a.k.a yenniedoll and me~  *she’s either shy or she don’t wanna talk with me*



also met with the very long time no see dee Marcus~



soon after that, it’s movie time~ but before we enter,


we had to surrender out phones and cameras~


DSC_0076 see?






the movie was nicer than I have expected, because I though it would be like odd for “ang mo” to play in Dragonball…

overall, the story line is ok, the actions are there~

not forgetting, Chi Chi (one of the gal in the movie) is CUTE!!!

it’s overall a satisfying movie~ ^^

I rate it 7/10~




this is the crowd who turned out for the screening~ ^^


after the screening, we took some pictures~



Ai Lee with Ronald



Ronald and I~



photo credits to Zues~ thanks for letting me rob your pictures~ XD

thanks Nuffnang for the screening!~ I had a great time!