pictures I missed

I was browsing through my Friendster profile and I came across so many pictures that reminds me of so many things…

so, I decided to show them here and write something about it…



this was taken on a night when we (Jeff and I) got our boken (wooden sword).

we were so high that we decided to take crazy pictures of us being the samurai hero of sorts… >.<||| i know…




next was this, this picture was taken when we were in UTAR Kampar.

this was after we went to Gua Tempurung. It was an enjoying trip!




these are my cousins~ (my sister is in there too)

I missed them so so so very the muchie because 2 is in Australia, 2 is in New Zealand and one is in KL (near I know…)

I MISS YOU ALL!!! (can hear me onot???)




anyone will know this place…

yea, It’s genting…

it’s fun eventho it’s just memories…



this was Chinese new year few years ago~

happy moments~ ^^

miss my grand parents~




from left, panda, monkey, kodomo lion and elephant!!! ^^

a visit to the zoo with our panda~




my first time to Penang,

with a bunch of monkeys (my friend)




my very first outing with a friend who became my bestie which also now seemed so far apart because of our differences in opinion…




my secondary school mates, we were in Genting~

I miss them alot too since we are all busy with our own stuffs now…




last but not least,


the cockroach I super glued onto the ground!~ XD

cool ain’t it?!




so, that’s mostly all of it~

I am sure there will be more to come, when I browse through my photo library one by one…

mind you, I have tons and tons of photos!~



Genetics time!!! gotta study if I don’t wanna fail!!! G0g0gO!!!