outing with Richard~

well, I need to got a birthday present for Ronald since it’s his birthday today~


so, I went to Mid Valley to shop for him a present~

well, of coz I did not go alone~ I asked Richard to tag along~ ^^



after we finished our shopping, we went to have a tea break at Delicious~






me~ ^^



our deserts~

the chocolate Brownies are good!!!

but the scones taste ok ok only… I can bake better scones… (I only like the strawberry jam they serve with the scones)



after that, we went back~~

owh and there’s a Japanese food fair there~ I can’t help but to see myself spending some money buying a pack of miso soup and biscuits~ and I love the biscuits~~


I’ll be going back to MV this Sunday because there’s a MV digital fair there this weekend, wanna spot some computer of my choice~ ^^



till then~ CYA!!!


*updates on my premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution soon*