Happy Brithday Ronald!


Ronald and I~


and bro! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

may you stay happy always~ and you are getting older~~



owh, and Bern, happy birthday to you too!!! ^^



owh, and Pui Ngo, Happy Birthday to you too!!!~ ^^


well, there sure is alot of people’s birthday today~ ^^


till then!~


p/s: moral presentation tomorrow!~ and I haven’t practice… but who cares, I am a natural speaker! I do impromptu! I got it under control!~


gay party bo jio? T.T

i have alot of fren also bday today~~

greg lanc wor~~ anyhow, good luck on tmr~~
gregorule said…
aaron, it wasn't a gay party, we were there for the premiere screening of Dragonball Evolution... @___@

lanc?? where got... not la... I'm jz telling the truth~ XD~ thanks~