grandma’s birthday~

as mentioned on my previous post,

I went back to Malacca to celebrate my grandma’s 85th birthday!~


I met up with my cousin Saturday morning and she took me to have Prawn noodle for breakfast~

according to her, it is the best she can find there~

so, why not give it a try?



yum yum~~~ the soup is heavenly!!~

and it taste even better when coupled with this *points at the picture below*


pork lard! (sorry to my Muslim friends)



well, since I was so tired,

I slept straight when I reached home in Malacca @____@


the birthday dinner was great! we had a good time!~ ^^



grandma and her birthday cake~



the only picture of food I took…



the only picture I took with more than 1 person that night…


I have to concentrate on eating right????


ok, that’s al for now~ more updates soon~ ^^