artsy house~

my house has became really artsy lately!~


PunJing’s preparing the backdrop for the fashion night that is going to happen this Saturday and this are going really great!



PunJing drawing the backdrop~


besides, she has also designed this dress from curtains and some left over cloths~



really, no one can deny her talent in arts!





I believe that every one know that I am busy with exams lately… all the biotechs are…

and today is like our last paper!!!



and since we are studying like mad cow and mad dogs for the past few days, this is what happened when exam ends today~



dun worry people, he’s not dead… just sleeping~



p/s : reports!!! assignments!!! HERE I COME!!!

p/s : needa sleep… weren't able to sleep last night and since it’s raining now… SYOK!!!


vi--Vien--nE said…
Waahhh..Punjing is really talented..
Why dont she study design course in her degree instead of biochem??