28th of March and the day before

and today’s 29th of March…


well, for those who know, it was my birthday yesterday, yes, 28th of March, also the earth day (is it what it is called?), and it’s also the day where I have my Genetics test…


let’s start on the eve of my birthday~ the 27th of March~


it’s a lab routine for us, the students to check on our culture that we have done in the incubation room~



and at the same time, camwhore abit~




later at night, Ronald came and took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday~ ^^

since I still need to study, I can’t go out really long can I?



my second birthday present~ a BIG BAG from Ronald~ ^^


and later at 12am, messages came flooding into my phone with those heartfelt wishes from my friends and family~

soon after 12am, PunJing came into my room to present me with her hand made card!~

it also has wishes of all my house mates written in it!


LOOK! it has pop outs CAN!!! DAMN!!! I love you people!!!

the card itself is enough to make me feel more than happy~


not only that, PunJing also gave me a friendship band!~



after I finished my studies (ok, I did not), I went to bed…

and so, the day ends~ ^^



on the 28th of March (my birthday), I was forced to wake up early because I had to go for my genetics test. (I don’t wish to fail you see)


but I can take it that luck was on my side because the questions are not as tough as I have expected.

in other words, I am able to finish the questions unexpectedly fast!!!

then, Melinda and I went out the hall together~


and I continue my plan to go to the nuffnang gathering in Pavilion~

DSC_0979 copy

followed by the Walk of Hope at CapSquare celebrating the earth hour~


both of I shall blog about when I wake up today…

ok, it’s already 1am and I am already half dead @___@

please spare me as I really need my sleep~



look out for updates on the Nuffnang Gathering and the Walk of Hope on the coming posts~



owh, it’s nice getting to meet you all! (nuffnangers I met)



*photo credits to CWKen*

P/S: I shall curi somemore pics to blog about the gathering, hope you all dun mind~