sony VS. shuffle

I am planning to get a MP3 player…


WALKMAN® MP3 Player - NWD-B105F/B


2GB Multi Function WALKMAN MP3 Player with voice and FM recording functions as well as work files storage capability. It also comes with an easy-to-use direct USB "Drag & Drop" function that allows you to transfer your music files quickly and effortlessly.


like it for the display and the looks… especially the display! *lacks the clipping feature* this have 12hr. play time… price still unknown…


 WALKMAN® MP3 Player - NWZ-B135F/L


2 GB with FM Tuner and direct USB for easy connection and easy operation. This Walkman MP3 Series has "Power Illuminator" Red LED, which flashes with rhythms of music when the "Bass" button is pushed for bass enhancement. You can now enjoy powerful sound on the way to school and during your workout.


like it for the display and the looks… especially the display! *lacks the clipping feature* this one have a longer play time up to 16hr. (I think I’ll choose this) cost about RM230



image RM189.00 (1G)

Instant attachment.

Clip on the world’s most wearable music player and take up to 500 songs with you anywhere.2 Choose from two capacities and five colors — including four new hues — to make your musical fashion statement.
Random meets rhythm.

Mix up your music with a flip of the shuffle switch. Flip it again to play your handpicked playlists and albums in the order you synced them with iTunes.
Everything is easy.

Charge and sync with the included USB dock. Operate the iPod shuffle controls with one hand. Enjoy up to 12 hours straight of skip-free music playback.3


honestly, I just like the clipping feature… and because it’s an apple

which you think I should get?



came back to KL today~

and I am drop dead tired now @____@

slept at 2am and wake up at 6am…

took a 2 hour bus ride back to KL and speed straight for class!

*crazy I know…*



this is me carrying my bag in the monorail on the way home~