Soju is having war with Kimchi.

L-i-a-N-G少’s PM changed to Soju is having war with Kimchi.


(R)Gr3g0rY(R) says (11:30 PM):
*lemme guess...
*u sai-ing like mad now????

L-i-a-N-G少 says (11:31 PM):
*heh no lar..
*twice just now finish edi

(R)Gr3g0rY(R) says (11:31 PM):
*still  XD1

L-i-a-N-G少 says (11:31 PM):
*but i can feel it's kimchi..
*the sensation when it pass thru the anus
*wow.. hot..

(R)Gr3g0rY(R) says (11:31 PM):

L-i-a-N-G少 says (11:32 PM):
*and my shit speaks korean

(R)Gr3g0rY(R) says (11:32 PM):
*can i use this conversation???

L-i-a-N-G少 says (11:33 PM):
*make me famous isit?..
*go ahead bah

(R)Gr3g0rY(R) says (11:47 PM):


XY said…
ewwww..... disgusting man....