after a few days of 4hour sleep per day, I finally fainted and went to bed early…




my C&C assignment on Ethnocentrism and how Cultural Relativism can suppress it as almost reaching it’s climax,

my Moral assignment on whether prostitution should be legalized is no where close to me…

my Molecular Biology report and Genetics report are still pending *make a mental note about it*

my health screening stuffs is still dangling in the air *catch catch*

and Dr. Anna still putting her big eyes on me *flips PTC notes*

and genetics is killing me *drills a hole on the wall with my head*



I can see browning effect on my head after doing that, because phenol compounds are produced to protect my wound from pathogen’s attacks *think like a plant*

(runs to dip myself in activated charcoal)


somebody, SAVE ME!!! @____@ X____X



*points at my post’s title*

recharge because I slept at1 and woke up at 8 today, then slept from 1pm till 4pm again…

so, I am 100% recharged!!! *I think*



I am going out again tomorrow to meet up with PuiYeng at MV for lunch~

so, I have to finish everything by tonight which is quite challenging…


*speeds away to do my things*