of presentation and gel loading

well, I just finished my presentation days ago and gosh I tell you! I am FREE!!!

well, not really free, free, but rather free~ ^^

because one thing’s settled and I can concentrate on some other things~



and since I dressed up so smart that particular day, I can’t resist but to take some pictures of myself~ ^^

that’s Liang and PunJing if you don’t know~ ^^





back to today, I did something silly @____@


after finish digesting the DNA, we are supposed to load the DNA into the gel and run…

I never actually doubt my gel loading skill until today really…


instead of loading my sample DNA into the well like this:





I pierce one hole with my micro pipette on the gel and load it in instead…


if you can see clearly, you can see the one in blue (DNA) is away from the well which I was supposed to be loading it in…