Joke of the day

I was having my Moral lecturer days ago there I heard my lecturer saying that we shouldn’t steal.

he said something like “don’t steal, even if you have to steal, steal abit, don’t steal alot”

all of us went dumb.

and I shouted “STOPID!”

*and quite a few actually look at me for saying that*


Mel sitting beside me obviously got stunned and look at me like she never knew me before.

me : what?

Mel: stupid?


Mel: why?

Me : if you wanna steal, steal more!

Mel: err?

Me : tell me, who rob a bank for RM50? sure rob RM500,000 or more!!!

Mel: yea… point taken…

Me : you want to steal a phone, you go for iPhone or some cheeplak?

Mel: iPhone!


Mel: HAHA!!! *wide grin* ya.. ya.. point!

Me: you see a wallet on the ground which obviously someone lose it and there is a RM100 note and a RM5 note in it. which one you take?

Mel: *thinks* RM100!!!


Mel: DENG… @____@ >__< X____X



(well, that’s me being me in class, filled with enthusiasm and vibe!)


Marilyn said…
wow, not bad, u paid attention in his class!!! at least u heard him talked about stealing
~An9eL~ said…
Isn't it supposed to be something along the lines of "Thou shall not steal, PERIOD." ??
Calvin J said…
hahaha.. i like ur last line with ur fren... XD