I’m Going Kame Hame Ha with Dragonball Evolution

when I first saw the trailer of Dragonball Evolution, I was like DA BOMB!!!




and next thing i knew it, Nuffnang will be doing the premiere screening for IT!!!


so, I can’t wait to watch it~


here’s my version of Kame Hame Ha!!!





nuffnang HAA!!!


JynnErica said…
the force shld focus on ur "ka me ha me ha" ler not u ler...ur "qi" is so blur ahaha...
Zues said…
Haha, nice one la. Hopefully we can get the free tickets to the Premier Screening.
gregorule said…
jynn: my "QI" is not blur... is so strong, so twrong tht ur eye cannot see properly... :p

Zues: lol, yea hope so~ ^^ den can meet up~ XDXD
Joshu@law said…
I wan to go watch as well!!! When nuffnang got premier screening of that movie???
nixxie said…
It looked like a Hadou-ken more than a kamehameha to me.. haha.
Cstan said…
OMG, my UCB's kame hame ha, haha!!! nice man. good job!
gregorule said…
josh: it's on the 10th of march. check out about ti on NN blog.

Nixxie, what's Hadou-ken???

CSTan, yea... it's the UDB's ultibate kame hame HA!!!
JynnErica said…
hadou-ken, izzit the skill tat used by kakashi ??
nixxie said…
haiz jynn.. where come kakashi use hadou-ken?..

Hadou-ken is the well-known skill used by Ryu, Ken and Akuma in Street Fighter lo..

To me lah kame-hame-ha should be in linear form, and skyblue in colour instead of flammie red.

Should hv done more research on various 气功 lu ppl..