I wanna etherize myself

wanna know why?


let’s share my time table here…

note: I have 1 week less than 1 week to prepare for this war…


yes, I used the word “WAR”


Saturday     : Molecular Biology test

Monday       : Cultural and Communication test

Tuesday      : Cell Tissue Culture test

Wednesday : Molecular Biology Report submission

Thursday     : Moral teat, Moral assignment submission and     Animal Tissue culture report submission date.

Friday          : Genetics report submission date.



please call me god if you still see me walking in the mall after that week… because honestly, I think I would die…



since Dr. DM is so free now, we should ask him to etherize us…

or we can just etherize ourselves?


and basically now (while blogging) I should be preparing for my war…

I am just stealing sometime to blog kay… no big deal…


anyway, one report down, 2 to go!!!


*gulps down double packet of old town coffee and continue my preparation for war*


p/s: I feel fever coming my way… (I can’t afford to fall sick at this time… please at least until next week is over)