school’s NOT even started yet and I have WORK already?!

well, yea…

that’s what happened when you are involved in much activities which don’t give you time to rest~

for those who doesn’t know, I am one of the committee in the upcoming blood donation campaign for my U (UTAR)


till now, we are preparing the souvenirs for the donors~ ^^

what it looks like will remain as mystery~

well, even if you can guess it after the pictures I have shown you, act as if you don’t know…


we separate our work days before and by starting to cut the papers~ ^^



well, and I did the cutting while watching One Tree Hill~ :p


and I used the time of one episode to cut one piece of those things…


ok, my cutting skills suck!


later toady, we all meet up to put all our product together and start joining all parts up into one piece~ ^^

sounds like making a car (dun ask why car)



see? everyone working so hard to get things done!!!

now how often do you see that?!



while I cam whored abit… LOL

ABIT only KAY!!!

I hope this even will turn out to me a successful one and hope the donors will appreciate our hard work!~ ^^



P/S: I will be going to PWTC for youth09 tomorrow!!! anyone interested to join?!~