trio eats at Restaurant Chung Wa Dae

well, I went to Youth09 yesterday with Jac, and I would rather say that it’s not a total success...
of some of the things that make me feel that way was because I still have to queue up even though I have a priority pass.
the booths there are mainly commercialized and some are totally out of the theme (youth09).
and I remembered a conversation that sounds along the line:
me : why din you take ant pictures?
Jac: because I don’t take pictures of sucky event! duh!~

yup, so no pictures for you guys because I leach pictures from jac.
look at her verdict.

why stay so long for a sucky event right?
so we went off as the clock strikes 12 can called Liang out since he has been wanting to meet us up for food~ ^^

we decided to meet up at Ampang Park LRT station and arrived early…
so, Jac and I were on the look out for weird people comming in and out of the train and we finally found one!!!
it’s Liang!!!
he overshot to the next station and took another train back… (no wonder he came out from the wrong platform…)
took it while we are on the look out for weird people in Ampang Park LRT

without further ado, Liang took us to the restaurant which is located at One Ampang Avenue for Korean food~

the ambience~
the side dishes~ ^^

we also had Korean BBQ~

and since I am a big fan of Kimchi~
Kimchi soup is a must have~ and it’s NICE!!! *thumbs up*
I ate so much Kimchi my poop came out like one!!! *cross finders*

and this my dear readers, are Korean cakes~ (nian gao)
it’s special as I haven’t tasted it anywhere~

we also had korean rice wine~ ^^
it’s very nice~ ^^ considering that it’s smooth and it tasted abit like tapai~ LOL

here’s a picture of us with the boss~
owh, did I mention he gave us free coke?!
LOL HEY!!! better than nothing kay!!!~

the place:
Restaurant Chung Wa Dae (next to Lotte Mart)
Lot B1-1 Boulevard II, One Ampang Avenue,
Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, 68000 Ampang, Selangor.
03 - 42511004/016 - 9858482

after the lunch, we went to KLCC and watch a movie, JUNO.
the movie was ok… not to die for…
the trio at KLCC~

will be going out today too~ ^^
stay for more updates~ ^^
I better enjoy while I can… infect, I have alot to be done since Blood Donation Campaign is near and I have to get quite a few things settled before the big day!~
so, wish me luck, wish BDC luck! wish all go well!!!~