travel for good food

how many people out there are willing to travel for good food?

hard to tell, but I am!


since i am meeting Oscar there and he wants to drive (not knowing the way to get there), I met up with him at University LRT station and guided him there…

believe it or not, it took us 1 1/2 hour to find a parking!!!!

that is absurd!!!

(ok, maybe to people in KL who drive is normal, but not for me since I use the public transport wherever and whenever I go around in KL)


in the end, we park at the clamping zone…


not to say that we are clever, but we did not get fined!~ XD

*hops around with glee*


as planned, we went to have munch at Italianese!


we had d damn hearty meal!!! minus the meat!


our drinks~



as usual, we are first served with bread and olive oil with vinegar!

I always like the bread but this time it’s a little cold already (I prefer it warm)



dun ask me the name, I forgot… but this one is nice!!!!

nice to the max!!!


bowls of pasta!~ (I would recommend this if you want to go for food with more variety)


we also had Cesar salad (no pics taken)


we dug in so quickly mainly because we are friggin hungry already after the jam and time spent on searching for a parking lot.


after that, we roam around The Gardens and Mid Valley after our hearty meal~


deco in The Gardens





this is the deco in Mid Valley~



we left the place some time after 5pm since Oscar have a party to attend to? and also my friends who went to MZ wanted to go back already.



Chinese New Year is coming soon!!!

who to follow to go back? hmm…

gotta plan fast!!!