Seong Kee Yong Tau Foo

my bag are packed and I am ready to go home! since I am following my cousin back to Malacca tomorrow and that she will be leaving early in the AM, I will have to spend the night at her place and leave for Malacca together…


I met up with her at Taman Jays LRT, and we decided to have Yong Tau Foo at PJ Old Town beside the market which is a place called the medan selera?? (ok, I am confused myself, but I have been there a few times) XD


honestly, this is by far the best yong tau foo I have eaten in KL!



they sell freshly made yong tau foo and it is delicious!!!

when I say fresh, I mean they will only make it when you order, so you will have to prepare to wait for a while after you order your food!



this is also by far, the most special cinchao drink I have had! (they use shave ice and syrup instead of those molten sugar.


here are the things we ordered!~


fried chicken~ this fried chicken tasted rather homely, unlike those in KFC or McD.

and since they only fry it when you want to eat, so it’s god damn yummy!


now, lets move to the yong tau foo


for soup base yong tau foo, we had lady’s finger, chili, bitter gourd and non other than white tofu!

the fish filling tasted sweet and pack, very nice if you ask me.



for fried yong tau foo, we had egg plant, fu chuk, and fried shui gao.

egg plant yong tau foo is a must have whenever I eat yong tau foo, it’s my favorite and I would say this tasted nice!

the fried dumplings are special in the sense that they have crunchy vegetables like carrot init that makes it crispy in the inside too!

the fu chuk how ever is still the best! it is SO CRISPY CAN DIE!!! (warning for those people who have phobia with oil, THIS is OILY!!!) but nice!~ XD



this is so yummylicious even my pets line up wanting to eat the yong tau foo!



greg signing off!


wEtwEtwAtEr said…
That is one of the best yong tau fu in PJ. But you did not order 1 thing. The fried tau fu pok is the awesomest I think. LOL! Go back there and order it. Make sure its fried and not soup. :)
nixxie said…
I'm also a yong tao foo lover!.. have you tried the one just opposite of genting klang? Ipoh Road YTF branch.. they served quality yong tao foo too..
gregorule said…
wEtwEtwAtEr : lol~ that's what my cousin told me!XD will try again once I have the cance to go there~ ^^

nixxie : izzit?~ okok~ next time i go tryout~