parties over!

just came back from Pavilion… AGAIN!!!

yes people… Pavilion again…


well, at least we spent most of the time in Sngei Wang since the girls wanted to shop more~ ^^


this is Vivian and me in a random shoe shop in Sungei Wang~ ^^


we went to Pavilion at last to take picture of the Golden Ox


sifu, simon and Vivian~



iSieng and lao lao~



tomorrow’s the first day of my semester and I hope it starts well…

I think it will indeed start well because I have only a 2 hour lecture tomorrow~ WOAHAAA!!!



I have my Blood Donation helper’s briefing tomorrow at SA foyer at 1pm,

any BDC helpers, please meet me there… I am to get your time which you are free to duty so that I can prepare the time table!~



Will update more about my first day of school after 3 months of holiday and the progress of BDC here~ ^^



till then! chiao!