on the first day of new year~

Greg went to 1U to countdown!!!

but FAILED!!!

wanna know why, let's tell you the story...


on the eve, I went for a haircut at ZING somewhere near my house~



later after that, we meet up with a few friends at the lrt and depart to KJ~


it's almost time for dinner once we meet in 1U until suddenly the couple who says they wanted to go to Genting so loud appear in front of us...


because the bus tickets are all sold out~


so we proceed to have our dinner..

after a long discussion of what to have, we ended up in fish & co.


because I wanna eat healthy... like yea... duh... ok...


the soup is superb if you as me...

and the New York fish and chips is awesome!!

but still seafood platter is better in Manhattan's fish market according to Jeff.





da gang!!! (without me)


after a long walk... we found ourselves at the chocolate lounge...


I had Fair Lady with mug and warmer~

it is seriously the best chocolate drink I've had in my entire life!!!

seriously a must try!!!


and then came this talk about how jam it will be later after the countdown and the price we will be charged when going back to KJ lrt...

so we decided to abandon plan and go back early and celebrate at home...

it's a late night, and a early morning again coz Fui Yee asked us out again today to 1U...


we had our lunch at


they offer many choice and varieties of food which I think is reasonably priced

I had Korean food there while Jeff had nonya food, Fui Yee? drink orange juice only...

and we HAD CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!! at Baskin Robins!!



I hereby wish all my readers a HHAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


Loke said…
the food looks yum!! where did u had the fondue in the gardens?

gregorule said…
yup~ ^^ had that at the Gardens... ^^