I am back in Malacca!

and I did not lose my mind yet (because the traffic condition was rather good seeing that I is a festive season)


since I leave KL as early as 650 in the AM, I have chance to take some nice shots on the high way…


here are some photos I took along the way back to Malacca~


when the sun is just starting to rise~



and it got alittlebit higher…



and higher (I have to squint my eyes by now)



and the highest! (highest I have took, and my eyes are practically closed by then)



notice I used the word “nice shots” up there? *points up*

those pictures are taken with my camera phone (yes, I get it…)

those are what I felt as the most artistic shot I have taken in my entire life!



well, you have to start somewhere right? (winks at the person who told me that)


will update on CNY in days to come! stay tuned!