CNY early party!~

CNY is just around the corner and yesterday was considered our last class before CNY since there are no classes today…

so, we decided to have a small celebration party to welcome Chinese New Year and look for time to chill out and hang out together!


after class, Liang and I went straight to Jusco to get some liquor~


the main character!

(we used sake glass LOL)



me and Peak Mun!



we had roasted chicken, ham, and many many other tid bits to go along with our drinks!~






some face get so red cannot tahan!!! LOL (her face was even redder than her pink clothes!)



Ashley and RQ



Elle and I



the party ends around 1pm when most of the people went home leaving a few of us.

after 3am, everyone went home leaving 4 of us at home, RQ, Liang and I chatted till about 530 before our battery run out!



it has been a while since I chatted with Liang since I am so occupied with my activities stuffs going on and around me…

so we finally catch up with each other last night and I was rather glad we did so, else god knows when we will have the time to chat like there’s no tomorrow again!



my to do list on my CNY holiday:


- look up on ethnocentrism and cultural relativism for my assignment. (trust me, it’s alot to read)

- get all details ready for health screening (my upcoming activity in UTAR by First Aid Society) and hand up proposal.

- Lab report for Micro Biology (Min-Zhin will laugh at me cause I say I’d finish it on the very day)


p/s: my dear course mates, pls remind me what have I missed out?

I am so hyper today because I am going back to Malacca tomorrow!!! I will be spending the night at my cousin’s place and we’ll be leaving early morning tomorrow!

can’t wait to go home!!!