class craps

well, I officially started class today…

well, I have been to school for the last whole week (I swear) it’s just I was busy preparing for my blood donation campaign~


so, today was my first day actually going to school for class and class only!!! and I’d say it’s fun~ ^^


people who know me will say that my mouth can’t stop crapping…

and I admit it~ XD


so today, I sat with Melinda in Plant Tissue Culture lecture, and we crapped…

and here I am wanting to share some craps over here!~

(make sure your stomach is doing good, if got sai faster go shit first… later read half way your sai will come out as a result of laughing)


our lecturer Dr. Anna is a very kind person indeed~ (will elaborate more when I know how lenient she will be when marking our papers)


Melinda and I talked alot in class while listening to her lecture and here are some of the fun parts!


Dr. Anna: hi class, I am Dr. Anna

Me: hi, we know, but where’s the king?



Dr. Anna: we refer to PTC next time since Plant Tissue Culture is too long for a name of a subject to call, ok?

Me: can we call you A since Dr. Anna is too long to call?



Dr. Anna: I always arrive early for my class, so I don’t want my students to be later for lecture.

Me: fair enough…

Dr. Anna: I will charge 10cents for those who come late.

Me: can I pay RM5 straight?



Dr. Anna: (while introducing a book) this book is mainly for professionals and since you all are in elementary level, I don’t recommend it to you all, later you all see stars all around…

Melinda: stars are everywhere in the sky, A.



Dr. Anna: we have our own language in PTC unlike other subjects like microbiology and genetics that uses normal English.

Me to Melinda: why is she still speaking English?



Dr. Anna: please attend the lecture and don’t miss it, and I expect you all to absorb at least 50% of my lecture, even though I know some only absorb 10% or less…

sound from somewhere: who’s talking about me?!



*lecturer discussing about plant embryo (peanuts) and showed us which part it is*

me: owh!!! I like peanut embryo!!! it’s yum!!!

Melinda: you baby killer!!!

me: no, it’s embryo killer, and i think so that’s why they call me the pro plant abortionist! *diabolical laughter*

Melinda: >.<|||




Melinda suggest that I have to record all this craps down adn share it with you all, and so, I ended up absorbing less than 5% of the lecture.

*guesses the sound from somewhere was actually from me* XD


so now, I’d better go revise my lectures abit…

*flips notes*


Yi Ling said…
LOL. VERY interesting. XD MWAHAHAHHAHA. anyways, how come you start class on a sat de ><
gregorule said…
LOL it was a draft, it's on friday, i start class on monday, it's jz tht i am bz with my actuvity stuffs...