BDC Jan 2009 (part 2)

as planned, everything went well today considering everything is under control~ and I was rather glad of it~ ^^

thanks for those who took out their precious time to help us out in this campaign~ and I hope tomorrow will also be a success~


there are a total of 133 people cam to donate and we are about halfway to our target for these 2 days!~

let’s cut the story short and let the pictures do the talking~



top: souvenir area where we give out souvenirs to donors~ ^^

bottom left: Mok and Vivienne

bottom right: donor’s areawhere all the “blood suckers” are stationed.



top left: Yong at the body check counter

top right: Quan at another Body check counter~

botom, Souvenir area (Voon Chai, Tze Hann, Vivian, iSieng)



top left: donors filling in the forms before donating their blood~

top right: registration area~

bottom: souvenir area AGAIN XD



(random pics)




and this is me cam-whoring on my job… XDXD



one more day and we are closed!

that is also the time where I will have to finalize my paperwork for this campaign and submit everything to DSA.

and also get some points ready to be discussed during the post mortem meeting~



all the best for tomorrow!!! and hope we can achieve more than what we target!!!



panda said…
wah..someone very clever to camwhore aredi hor XD
gregorule said…
of coz!! pro edi mar!~ XDXD