4 long hour wait!

like what the title said, 4 LONG HOUR WAIT!!!


class ends today at 1pm, but due to the post mortem meeting we have to attend at 5pm, I have to stay back and goyang for 4 solid hours!!!


HOW CAN?!?!?! (well, I took some notes to revise)


so, what I (we, because there are another 3 person who’s waiting together with me) did in the 4 hours?



pose for the camera man…



act hardworking when the camera man say “cheese!!!”



for the camera man, take picture of himself… >.<


(thank god I get to borrow ear phone from Jynn, else I can foresee time would pass even slowly than expected~


I DESPERATELY, DYINGLY NEED a portable music player!!!!

I so Need it can die!!!


which should I get?

(cheaplak from Low Yat Plaza doesn’t seem promising to me…)