outings + contest

well, as you all know, I am taking my cousins around KL for the last few days~

well, we went to Pavilion first~


the Xmas tree at the outside of the mall~



it looks like KL is all set for Xmas!!!~



appearently, there are no Baskin Robbins in Singapore...


so, Sylvia went to grab a cone...

DSC01010 RM9.30 cheap???


well, we actually cam whored in Pavilion for quite a while but not with my cam, so... will post some updates next time?


well, since they arrive at the evening, there's hardly anywhere we can go... so we went back...





well, here's the thing...

guess what we had for dinner,  (of all things, i know)

the first 2 person who get it right will be treated to a dessert at MOF!! (macha ice-creme anyone???)


- leave your answer at the comment section of my blog

- answer submission ends on Friday, comments after 0000 (GMT+8) 6th Dec. 2008 will be ignored.

- allow me maximum 2 weeks to make the results postings as I will be on a trip (keep a look out for that) since I will not be taking my lappie along.

- time and date on when I will be free to go out will be set later on when the winner is announced on my blog.





my cousin say, everyone went to taste it around the globe, but still, they find that Malaysia serve it best!


there's wifi, at that place


you can find it at Pavilion KL



alot of people told me that it's very vague, so I decided to add

a riddle to make the guessing more fun:


I met Ken the other day,

and he caught me saying "what the f***"

because he went into the herb garden to look for chicken @__@


happy guessing!!!~


blue_racoon said…
i know! i know! hehehe...i know already.....KFC!! *wink wink*