a night at Portuguese settlement, Mlk

it's the season of joy and in Malacca, Portuguese Settlement is the place to go!


forgive me for the poor picture above, it's the only nicest photo I have since I took it in a moving car~


my family somehow decided that the wanted to have seafood for dinner,

so, where do you get fresh seafood and reasonable price and cooked in various delicious ways in Malacca?

well, the answer is as above~



see? I have the crab's claw (whatever you call that) on my right hand~ ^^


and only today that I have found out, yo can eat parrot fish!

and trust me, it's yummy!

especially the head.... best part of the fish dude!!!


we had, grilled egg plant, kangkung belacan, fried squid (the best you can find), baked fish, steamed fish, baked salted crab, garlic butter crab, and scallops.

its 2kg of crab and 2 kg of fish

and the bill came up to about RM210+ which is considered reasonable! (what most people say)

no pictures of the food because everyone is too into eating that we forgot the camera actually existed... XD


since the restaurant is so near the sea, we went to walk around before we go back~ ^^


papa, mummy, sis and me~

DSC01458 me~



dun you dare mess with me!~



kena bully balik~



the ah peks and aunties~


the youngsters~



the jump!~