my babies!!~

well, if someone actually asked me what i have to most, it would be my watches~ ^^

I just purely enjoy collecting watches,

polishing them sometimes just makes me feel... happy?


ok without further ado, here are my collections~


the family~


as you can see some are so old that it has lost it's stripe T__T

while some battery just died @__@

but still, I love them more than ever~



my favorite?


is non other than my adidas~ ^^



and this is the one people always see me with~ ^^



so, what do like to collect?


Anonymous said…
wow you got so many watches! i dont even wear one! =P
Yi Ling said…
the watches sure are nice. good hobby you have there. haha. good thing it isnt those rolex series and all. otherwise, it's going to be expensive ._.
Calvin J said…
haha... thats alot of watches...

not bad... next time add rolex to ur collection...
gregorule said…
lol~ thanks for commenting~ ^^
ken: i think it's individual preferences to wear a watch or not, but i like to keep my watch on when i am not at home cause it helps me keep track of time...

yiLing Calvin : rolex not really my type lar.. HAHA
Mike Cheong said…
Seriously... Thanks for lending me your watch... the Adidas one.... I was kinda reluctant to return it to you after borrowing it... hehe....

Now no need lor.... I got my Casio already... haha