a day at 1U with my coussie~

woke up early morning the next day, and I took my cousins to 1U for jalan jalan~

well, we delayed abit because it's quite difficult to wake up early morning,

after breakfast at my place, we went straight to 1U


we had italianese for lunch!~


we tried the new dish, bowls of pasta~

it's ok overall, but we all don't like the salmon shell pasta thingy...



Caesar salad~



smoked salmon pizza~~



just a random pic there...


then we moved on to shop~

later after that, we went for movies~ ^^


it's nice!!! this movie~

worth watching


vampires are cool!~ XD ok... exaggerating :p


after that, we went to touch up our stomach with sweets~

by that, I mean desserts~ ^^ *hops around* I love sweets!!!~



for that, we went to a place no other than Delicious~



black forest~~~



chocolate brownies with ice creme~~



bread crumbs and mango pudding~ ^^


after that we went home because it's getting late and we are taking the public transport~


at night~ I took my cousin to the mamak down stairs to try the nice maggie goreng~ ^^



will be posting about the visit to KLCC tmr~ stay tuned~ ^^


nixxie said…
OMG you had good food again.. no wonder your weight keeps on elevate..
Calvin J said…
Wa... good food... I want...lolz...