Christmas eve in the zoo?!

how much can one do in Melaka?

when you don't want to got to shopping mall...

well, I went to mini Malaysia and the zoo during Xmas eve!~



Nigel, Oscar and Me being whacky~



some of the houses in mini Malaysia~



there's also a mini bridge there~ it's nice when yo shake it~


later after that, we went to visit the zoo~

but since it's just animals, I won't be posting up any pictures of animals in my blog since I believe that most people have been to the zoo before...


later after the zoo~ we went to coffee beans and tea leaf to chill out with a cuppa~


then we went for movie~


not I-P-MAN

it's eep ma-an (Cantonese) 葉問



overall I think it's a good movie which is worth watching, there's no flying around, so I think it's more realistic...


overall, my Christmas eve is considered well spent~ ^^


sabahking said…
ip man is really great movie man , i get a lot of lesson from him.