blogger's outing

well, I think most of you were wondering where did I went missing to?

well, I was actually playing the MIA game..

kidding, well, I actually went back to KL for over the weekend with the main aim to take my cousin around...

and it so happened that Ken, was going to KL all the way from KK and ask if we want to meet up?

so, yea... we did!!!


upon my arrival at KL, I went straight to Pavilion because I wanted to meet up with Daniel for lunch first...

since I reached there early, and I have nothing to do, plus I am thirsty,

to MOF I go!!!


ok, this place serve the BEST MACHA ICE CREME I have ever came across to!!!

honest, a must try!!!


den, Daniel arrive at last and we went to Ichiban Boushi for lunch!~






this cold soba is nice if you ask me~ worth trying~ ^^


after that, we met up with this girl



and then people started to show up~ :p


Ken arrived son after we got ourselves a seat at staarbucks,



and it was that day that I found out that the ground floor of Pavilion is actually the 3rd floor, okok, I know, it's very WTF...

because Shar cannot seem to find a starbucks at the ground floor~ HAHAHAA!!!


but yea, she found us at last~ HAHAA!!!~ (Shar and I)



me, Daniel, and Ken.



from left to right: Bernard, Jac, DustyHawk, Falcon, Shar, me, Daniel, and Ken.



later after the meeting up, I went to pick my cousin and her friend from Pudu Raya


at Hang Tuah Monorail waiting for the train~




well, this post is about the blogger's outing~

will blog about the outings with my cousins soon~

till then!!!


P/S : I am drop dead tired because I slept late and woke up early for the last few days...

P/P/S : I am still considering what lappie should I get...


blue_racoon said…
u had lunch earlier and takda ajak??? kesian me u know...i oni had that puff thingy for lunch :'(
gregorule said…
aiyor.. i oso din know u din makan...