make the best choice for your future

note that these are only my opinion, and you have the rights to believe or ignore, and I don't hod any responsibilities if your future don't turn out good.


SPM and STPM is ending soon, and I can see that Nuffnang is starting to put college and university ads in blog, so I decided to post about how to choose the right path for your future.


for those who have an idea about what they want to pursue, I hereby congratulate you all.

for those who haven't, you better start thinking...


let's start with those who haven't have an idea of what they want to do, here are some points for you to ponder on before taking the first step closer to you future.



INTEREST is the most important aspect of choosing the future you wanted. if you were to study something that you don't enjoy at all, you wouldn't be doing very well of later because you might not excel in your studies or job that you have chosen...



we all come out in the society to EARN MONEY. So, we have to choose a field what can give us a stable pay, and a higher chance of being employed perhaps along with some benefits. In this sense, I am talking about after graduation opportunity.



PERSONALITY is very important in choosing the course you want to take and you future working life. If you are a person who likes to socialize and talk alot, business maybe? If you like to sit alone quietly and do your things, researching fields maybe?



now it's about the money. how much do you need to invest in before you finish the course you chosen? can you afford? can you get loan? not only for the tuition fees, but also the cost of living like rentals (if you are studying away), food, transport fare and so on...

will you parents go broke if you take that course? because as I know, courses are very very expensive these days...


University / college / institute

it is important for you to choose the right school (University, college, or institution) you want to further your studies in. Every school has different courses to offer and their standards may differ. Not only that, the location should also be taken into account because you are going to spend about 9 months at that place.

most importantly, DO give a visit to the University before making a final decision. and, DO have a back up school in mind incase something happened to your first choice.





and I think what is most important point here is BALANCE. You need to have balance of the above pointers. You won't want to go and study which in the end you parents turn our broke. You also wouldn't want to choose a course which in then end has no market value.


so, DO bare in mind to maintain a reasonable balance which choosing you path.


good luck to all!!!


Calvin J said…
Good advice Greg...

Just wanted to add a line.. hope u don mind XD...

If u don know what u wanna pursue - its still better to take ur time to ponder & perhaps get to know urself & situation.

And doing studies part time is not too bad too.. Of course - its not easy... But, it does help in the making better decision...

Finally - All the best to guys making the decisions out there... LOLZ
gregorule said…
thanks calvin, comments and feedbacks are always welcomed~ ^^

thanks for the advise...

I hope it can help others~ ^^