my blog hits achieved 111 uniques last night!!~



there are 2 days which is about  60 and I thought ok, i will maintain it a that number, but hey!! last night's hits turned out to be an amazing 111


I was looking at nuffnang analytics like a gambler who looks at the horse racing in the ring XD

instead of saying "faster faster", I say "more more!!!"


and I look at my visitor's by geolocation,


I was stunned!!!

Sri Lanka and Hong Kong?! w0aH!!!


then i go check out the referrals,


CELESTIAL!!! you wRakZ!!! *I accidentally blocked the hits, it's a freaking number of 39!!!*

I hereby owe you a thanks Celes, for taggin me so0Oh often XD


then, I look at those keywords people look which will lead them to my blog...

words big enuf?!

can you BELIEVE it?!

dads nipples gay?!!?!? what the HELL!!!

and I have to say thinks to kentZai for letting me tell the world he's not gay... XD  HAHA!!!


despite all these, my earnings is still stuck at RM4


so I hereby PLEAD those who visit my blog,

please click my ads if you see one





oh, and it seems I am not the only one who's happy~


Calvin a.k.a Daniel is freaking happy too~



and yea people a.k.a my dear readers, i have a new pool posted up on my side bar, please find time to complete it can? i want to know morea bout your interest when visiting my bloggie~



TNH said…
111 unique..that is alot...i almost can't rmb when is my last time got over 100 unique..haha..my blog also no traffic de..
gregorule said…
lolz! u see my first one? it's only 11 i think... XD
i oso dunno how come got so many people visit me XD
but good lar~ XD
but most importantly click my ads lar~ XD
Calvin J said…
Thats the way - spread the love...

make the whole wide whole happy...