face in hole

thanks to Celes, I am hooked up with faceinhole editing photo~

well, let the picture do the talking~


me as wolverine

me~ HAHAA!!!


ahyi ahyi, I won't forget you one.. XD


fc276316e6ae93b5d1d00d0b65e0a733 Koon, look not bad huh? HAHAH!!!


lao lao this one looks a little weird... sry lao lao.. XD


quan the mask disguised as Quan?! wtf he needs to get his ratio correct.. HAHA!!!



okok, good stuffs coming...





siengWAH!!! iSieng with tattoo??? wtf... @__@




jeff Jeffrey in HAIRSPRAY??



jynn ok, jynn would definitely like this HAHAAA!!! reminds me of his old photo (the one with Bruce Lee's hairstyle) HAHA!!!!




yea, I think so that's all...

no wait wait...

dun miss my cutest picture eva!!!


love me




nixxie said…
you edit those pictures?..
gregorule said…
yea la... hehe~
gregorule said…
yea la... hehe~
Vivian said…
Isshhh.. no fair!!! Y u editted AS so pretty.. tsk tsk.. nan dao?? Opps..
gregorule said…
ahyi~ u jealous? i make u look fugly on purpose~ HAHAHA!!! *diabolical laughter*
Vivian said…
hmmmp.. dun wanna fren u liao.. hrnnggg..
gregorule said…
HAHA~ ahyi~ dun angry lerr~
me sad to see u mad~ T__T

bluff u one XD