easy meal~

well, RQ prompted me to teach him how to cook in a serba kekurangan environment (environment full of constrains)

well, he has his reasons, we stay in the same house in KL...

imagine this

we have stove, but we have no wok...

we have electricity, but we have microwave oven...



I have a nice recipe to share, good for those who are studying away from home...


lets start~

first, you need to have:


you have to estimate the amount yourself

chicken (cut into pieces)




black soy sauce




amount of water for rice is as normal (cook 1 cut, water put until 1)



this is the most important!!! cook chicken or fish, MUST have ginger...



marinate the thicken with black soy sauce, pepper, onion, garlic, and oil (abit will do)


then cook rice in rice cooker...



when rice boil, put in the marinated chicken...



mix it well, cover and wait for the switch to pop and it's ready to serve~






I asked a friend of min to click the ads on my blog,

well, he did..

and he suggested me to use the reverse psychology thingy for young adults like us....

so, instead of asking "remember to click the ads in my blog kay..."

I should say :"dun ever click my ads I tell you"


well, the worst part is he says:

"everything start from a simple belief

if you don't believe, ... then stop having the thought of making a steady income out from your blog"


I was like wtf!!!

how am I suppose to believe that by asking people not to click my ads and expecting them to do otherwise?!

and I look back at what he told me in MSN, he used the word STOP!!!


seriously!!! what is the relatedness in believing asking people not to click my ads so that I can have income out of my blog? go figure...


I better stop here before things gets ugly...





okie~ that's all from me today~

ohh Ronald is coming back today (he's in Malacca already actually), we might find some time out and have fun~

till then!!!~


blue_racoon said…
u sure no "after-effects" ar eating the chicken and rice like that? XD *cabuts frm greg*
gregorule said…
ehh shar, if got after effects, i won be happily chattin with u at 1:30am kAy~ XD