something to announce~

if you are active in innit, you should know who is kentzai..

due to one of his post on Friday, November 7, 2008. I have the rights to believe that he is a gay...

and so I asked him about it in his chat box. (which I forgot to print a screen to show you all)

as you all can see in the post, he is happily letting someone to suck his nipples @__@


he denied the that he is gay and ask me to post to tell the world that he is not a gay!!!

so all nuffies!! remember this yea!~


then let move on to something we all care about...

the NANGS an the DANGS

my criteria for a nang:

the post is special

the post is nice

the post is meaningful

the post is entertaining

you are my friend

if I think it is worth me nanging

so, I don't usually dang people, if i don't think your post is worth nanging, I won't dang it...

I will just leave it...


I will DANG if

you keep on asking for nang even if I saw and leave it already

I see the word "nang" in your innit post description

and IF I really really bo song you and your particular post.



these will be enforced once this post is up~


now, to the happy stuffs~

chatting in innit is a real good thing~

I got to know alot of new friends and actually click with some of them..

Daniel (my innit bro XD), Celestial, Adrian

well, currently these are the few who I can talk well with... (consider well la...)




anyway, this is just a random post...

mainly to tell about kentzai is not a gay, and my nang and dang thingy~

till then CYA~


sabahking said…
hopefully iam the not people dang by you !! hehe !!
gregorule said…
dun worry, u are not black listed XD
Steward Baba said…
The nang and dang thing... we have the same idea. ^^

So far, I never dang tho.
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Calvin J said…
Hey bro !!

HOHOHO - thanks for promoting my blog abit wor...

I will definately click ur ads - when i see them - but cant see now - hopefully nuffnang runs more campaign ($$$$) keke
gregorule said…
thanks for commenting~
sure, as long as u emmber to click if u see den can edi calvin aka daniel