Tony Roma's

went to Gardens with Richard the other day for the comic and game kinda event, but too sad that it's already closed @__@


so, we went for a walk and do the usual things we do while we go to a shopping mall,



we watch MAMA MIA!

I tell you, this is the best a musical can get!!!

everyone in the cinema is shaking away!!

moving according to the beat!!!



well, Richard and I are drop dead hungry when we once arrived at Mid Valley, so, we went to scout for food and Tony Roma's cough our eye~


set lunch STARTING from RM 16.60?

we was like "wow!!! gogogo!!!"


it took them quite fast to prepare the meals actually,


the soup is superb!!!


tell me, where can you find chicken soup where there are so much shredded chicken in it?! and it comes with a small packet of biscuits!!! an awesome partner with the soup!~


both of us had the same soup~


so, Richard ordered this~



grilled chicken? (forgot what is it called) @__@

the price : RM19++


and I ordered burger!!~



very nice!!! I can hardly move after the meal!! @__@

very filling indeed~ but this cost me RM25++


but it was hearty~




now, I am in KL alone,

staring aimlessly at the computer...

sleeping aimlessly...

walking aimlessly...

someone please come and save me from this misery~~ @__@


going to look for a part time to fill my time,

hope sifu and jynn come back KL to look for a job as well~

I need a company~~

too bored~ >.<



p/s: my friends, free that time chat with me abit laa if you meet me on9... @__@