thong shui house

just back from dinner~

yup, food to recommend to you again~


today, we went to thong shui house which is located somewhere near my house~



the menu~


wonder why it's called the thong shui house?

because it sells thong shui la yor...



these are the variaties of thong shui available~



I had seafood fried rice~

very very nice!!! it's a must try dish over there...

they put in ample amount of seafood, and it taste good as well!!




my sis had mee hun kuih (flour cake?)



sis and I shared a bowl of thong shui...

I forgot what it's called...




overall, it's a place worth visiting...

the thong shui are to be given credits for...

some food there are good as well~



that's all for now~



nixxie said…
i dunno that seafood fried rice and mee hun kuey is tong shui heh.. something new for me.. =.-
sabahking said…
The food is really look very nice !! I think sure very delicious !! yummy yummy
gregorule said…
nixxie : look at the menu...

sabahking : yea, it's good~
Loke said…
wow. the menu looks good. the main courses look good as well with so many ingredients. ah i think u ordered honey dew sago. hmm.. what's the address of that shop?

gregorule said…
loke: sorry, i din note down the address..
btu it's somewhere near the TM building at melaka baru