Starbucks Saturday!

welli broke my personal record today!!!

I woke up at 1130AM!!!


well, I slept at 4am last night, that's why...


few days ago, my aunt called us saying that she'll bring us (my sis and I) on Sunday...

and my sis woke me up today saying that "kor!! wake up, aunt is here!!!"

the first thing I think about was "did I just slept my Saturday away?!"

and thank god... no I didn't sleep my Saturday away.... *phew*


anyway, aunt bought us bak kut teh~~~



aunt bought this from a diffeent place where I usually had my bak kut teh in Malacca...

and it's nice!!! it's more flavorful!

the one I usually have is lighter on the taste...


after lunch, sis went to study a little as I mop the floor~

and since we planned to go out for a while today, we went to pahlawan mall around 4om~



view of the field above the mall~



- get some groceries

we are running out of maggie mee, sausages, and eggs (all you need to prepare a maggie meal)


- starbucks



me with my usual~


DSC04308 raspberry tea for my sis~



- to shop

our legs are getting rusty, it needs some "grease" to help smoothen it...

so, we are also kinda walking aimless around the place...

sis bought something...

but I didn't...



- to have dinner

then we had our dinner at


old town~


DSC04314 both of us shared xi mut nai cha~



sis had their famous curry noodles~



I had nasi lemak special..

the fried chicken like kecut edi la... @__@

but still ok la overall...



and thus, this is what I did for the whole day today...

aunt is bringing lunch for us again tomorrow... hehe

good thing since I dun have to think of what I need to makan outside since my sis's reply is always "whatever la...."




I shall end this post with a pic. of mine~ I like it... took it about a month ago~



leng zai leh~~~

(pls ignore the pimples... it's just after finals and my pimples pops out when i am stressed, but now no more.. my smooth face is back)



till then~ chiao!~