movie day!!!~

well, study day for sis, movie day for Greg!!!!

yeah!! after a long time staying at home, I finally got the chance to go out and loosen up my legs~

today, I went for 2 movies at GSC Dataran Pahlawan Melaka~


upon arrival, I went to get my tickets straight~


but the ticketing counter is still closed...

so I waited until it is opened!



and I got myself tickets for High School Musical 3 (330pm) and my best friend's girl (1200pm)~


so, while waiting for my movie to screen, i went to a place no other than~




the I went back to the cinema


this is the movie I am supposed to be watching~

but, something happened to the film that the have something to do, dun ask me what, I also don't know...

they had to cancel the movie, so, they allow me to refund my my ticket or to choose another movie instead~

and of course, I chose another movie to watch~



this is a cool movie, must watch!!! gogogo... the story and things are all cool!!!

go watch!!!~


well, after the movie, I went to have my lunch at ZEN~

wanna know why? cause it's cheap @___@


my spaghetti~

and I had Crème brûlée for desert~


one word: heavenly!!~


then off I go to continue my movie~



I rate this movie ok, worth watching but don't expect much~

the song and choreography are worth giving credits for~



yea, picture of the day:


hot dog kecut (they are really small and dry)


pay atention at the rightest row (freaking tiny hotdogs)

what's with small sausages in carefour?!

eat already also damn bo syok right?!


till then~ off I go!~


DarkSide said…
wow,how come your websites have a lot of nice food? you must be enjoying good food whenever you can..apa boleh buat..orang kaya mah..haha
gregorule said…
lolz, first of all, i am not rich or kaya 0hKaY~
and second, I enjoy good food :p and don't mind paying a little extra for it if I think it's worth it... :P
food is a way for me to de-stress and endulge, that's why u see my body like that @__@